Why Is Signage So Important For Business Owners?

Have you often asked yourself and others, “Why is signage so important?” When you are shopping in the mall or at an outdoor shopping center, one of the first things you will notice is a plethora of different signs outside of each establishment. These signs make it possible for you and all the other shoppers to easily locate different stores that you are interested in visiting based on what they are selling. Signage is so important because it allows different businesses to differentiate themselves from the other establishments while branding their businesses.

It Lets Consumers Know Your Business is Open

Without proper signage, people might not even know that your business is open. You would not want to miss out on the opportunity to make sales simply because people thought your establishment was closed and decided to take their business elsewhere. In addition to having a storefront sign, you can have a bright sign displayed in the window that lets people know that your business is currently open. In fact, some business owners choose to use neon or LED open signs for their windows because they want to get as much attention as they can.

It Is a Great Way to Bring in a Lot More Foot Traffic

Not everyone has plans to visit your establishment on a specific day, but that does not mean that you cannot bring more people into your store to see what you sell. If your signage looks interesting enough, people that are simply passing by may decide that they would like to stop in and check things out. You could turn a random person into a loyal customer in no time without the right signage. And, having more foot traffic is always ideal because that is what will help you reach your daily sales goals.

You Can Easily Make Consumers Aware of Special Deals and Discounts

When you are offering special discounts and other types of deals, you want the consumers to know about it because that is a great way to get them to shop around. Most consumers are going to check out an establishment if they think they can get a good deal on products they like or would not mind using. You can use signage to announce special deals and discounts that you are offering to help bring even more people into your store.

It Will Help You Strengthen Your Brand

You want people to see your logo on a sign and instantly recognize it. When you see those golden arches, you automatically think of McDonald’s, right? Now imagine if you could get consumers to think of your business whenever they saw your logo. If you are looking to strengthen your brand, you need to come up with a unique design for your storefront sign. It is the very first thing that the consumers will see, and it is what will leave a good or bad impression on them. The goal is to leave a great impression while enticing people to come inside the store to look at everything you are offering.

Signage is a must for any business. When the proper signs are not being used by business owners, those business owners are likely missing out on a lot of traffic, which means they are making less money, too. If you were wondering, “Why is signage so important?” now you know some of the most important reasons to invest in it for your own business. When you select the right signs and use them, you can get more foot traffic, make consumers aware of special deals you are offering, and strengthen your brand even more.

Our Top Tips For Maintaining Your Signage

Your business signage is a representation of your company and it is an investment. It’s also one of the first things many prospective customers see and they develop an immediate impression of you before they even step through the doors. This is why maintaining it should be a priority. With that said, here are a few crucial tips for maintaining your signage.

Clean Your Electrical Signage

You should inspect your electrical signage regularly and have it cleaned out. You’ll want the interior and the exterior clean. If you don’t know how to clean your signs, then hire a professional signage company to do it for you. They will open your sign up and inspect the insides of it before cleaning it.

Professionals will also clean the exterior. Inspections can ensure your signage remains in good shape and functions properly. Remember, cleaning the interiors of signage is important because it can prevent it from burning out. As a general rule of thumb, you should have your signage inspected a few times per year.

Put Shade Over Your Signage

If you have business signs outside, then do yourself and favor and cover it with shade. Providing a bit of shade for your sign protects it from various elements, such as rain, snow and so forth. There are several ways to ensure your signage is covered in shade, such as planting a tree near it, decor or things of that nature.

Buying stuff to cover your signage with shade might seem like an expensive expense. However, it is worth it because you won’t have to worry about your signs becoming damaged from certain things. In the long run, you could end up saving a bit of money.

Precautionary Methods

There are precautionary methods you can take. Such things can enhance your signage and improve its overall longevity. One of the things you can do is coat your signs. Coating signs can prevent damage to it.

Other things you can do is inspect the brackets that the sign is attached to. If the brackets seem loose or damaged, then you’ll want to replace them as soon as possible. If you’re not comfortable with taking preventative measures, then hire a signage company. They have experts that know what to do if you want to protect your signage via precautionary methods.

Replace Lettering

Every now and then you should replace your signage’s lettering. It doesn’t matter if you have a digital sign or a traditional sign, if the lettering is not visible, then it’s time to do something about it. By taking care of this problem as soon as you notice it, the better. Remember, if your signage doesn’t look good due to faded letters or missing letters, then potential customers might not go into your business or they’ll automatically have a bad impression of it.

Those are our top tips for maintaining your signage. If you want to get the most from your signage, then make sure you do the above. Doing those things will ensure you enjoy your signage for many years to come.

How To Create Effective Signage

Signs are some of the first things that customers notice in your business. They should be able to make a good first impression. In fact, your business sign’s first impression on the customer will stick for a long time and bring in good returns to your company. Vivid graphics, eye-catching colors, and a clear message are sure to offer great results over time. Here is how to create effective signage for your brand.

The latest technology has made it easier to create effective signage that delivers the owner’s message. The new electronic message centers will let you change the message to suit the latest products or services you offer. Make sure you use the latest technology in the industry when creating effective signage for your business.

Full-color graphics are the best business signs since they can grab the attention of your customers. Make sure you use the right colors and images when creating the best signage for your brand. A border will help focus the attention of the onlookers. Using different colors to deliver the message will increase the retention rate of your sign. Don’t forget to make use of the right colors and graphics when designing the best signage for your company.

Your sign and message should be visible to the reader from the standard viewing distance. In fact, it should stand out from the surroundings. A dark backdrop and light letters are ideal for a small sign – which makes it easier for the customer to read. Use sufficient spacing between the letters and use clear fonts when designing the sign. This will make sure the words and letters are easily distinguished from far away.

Make sure the sign appeals to impulse buyers. Most business owners think that a sign is a mere device to identify a business. The latest statistics show that more than 55% of retail sales are as a result of impulse buying. If you can put up the right sign with the right message that appeals to the impulse of the customers, you are sure to get the sale. People see, shop, and buy. If your sign is ineffective, you will be losing a lot of sales in the process.

The right sign should be memorable and enticing. The sign should make your business, location, product or service easy to remember for the potential customer. It should make the potential customer stop and take a look at what’s inside the business. Avoid clutter when designing the sign. The proper amount of white space is important for easy readability of the message. At least 30-40% of the sign’s surface should be white space for optimal readability. This will definitely enhance the effectiveness of the sign.

Signs are the first things that customers notice of a business. The first impression counts when designing effective signage for your business. An effective sign will stick with the customer for a long time to come. That’s why you need to choose a professional business signage company in town. The aforementioned article provides information on how to create effective signage for your brand.

Use Us For Your Exit Sign Requirements And Regulations Needs

Your business or facility has to be in compliance with exit sign requirements and regulations. This generally means that every exit is marked with a sign that is readily visible. Common signs include white rectangular signs with the word “EXIT” in illuminated red letters. These are required designations for exit access, and their design, contrast, color, and size should make them visible in the event of an emergency.

OSHA regulations require a means of egress. Exit signs have to be clear of any decorations or equipment that might impair the visibility or means to any exit. Exit access has to be marked using visible signs in every case where either the exit or the way to reach it isn’t immediately apparent to occupants. Any door passage or stairway that is not an exit or a way of getting to exit access and might be likely mistaken for such needs to be identified by signage saying it’s ‘not an exit’. Likewise, they should be designated by signs indicating they go somewhere else, like a break room, machine room, or electrical room.

Exit signs or those with similar designations should have arrows that indicate the available directions. They need to be place in all locations where the travel direction towards the nearest exits aren’t immediately apparent. The local fire marshal might also have directions or input regarding these signs.

Exit signs need to have legible letters no shorter than 6 inches high. The letters should also have main strokes no less than 0.75 inches wide. If a path towards the closest exit isn’t visibly obvious, then exit signs must have arrows that direct readers to those nearest exits. The City of Chicago and some New York City boroughs require 8-inch letters.

Requirements regarding the number of exit signs, as well as their placement and brightness, for commercial buildings are governed first by OSHA, followed by the NFPA. OSHA is the federal-level Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and healthiness of working facilities for employees. The NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association, and it advocates for global consensus in terms of codes and standards.

Federal regulations aren’t all you have to worry about. Some municipal, local, and state governments might have additional codes that regulate these requirements. For instance, New York City requires any building more than 75 feet tall to also have these photo luminescent markings for any door which leads either towards an exit or just exit stairs. The state of California has also set out extra regulations through their own labor code. Be sure you consult your local or state governments for extra regulations which might apply to you. On the other hand, just tell us where you are located, and we can make signs that are compliant with the rules where your building is.

Failing to abide by your applicable exit sign requirements and regulations can risk fines and penalties, among other legal consequences. It can also put people in actual jeopardy in the event of an emergency. Trust our experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment to get the signs you need designed, manufactured, and installed as soon as possible.

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