Use Us For Your Exit Sign Requirements And Regulations Needs

Your business or facility has to be in compliance with exit sign requirements and regulations. This generally means that every exit is marked with a sign that is readily visible. Common signs include white rectangular signs with the word “EXIT” in illuminated red letters. These are required designations for exit access, and their design, contrast, color, and size should make them visible in the event of an emergency.

OSHA regulations require a means of egress. Exit signs have to be clear of any decorations or equipment that might impair the visibility or means to any exit. Exit access has to be marked using visible signs in every case where either the exit or the way to reach it isn’t immediately apparent to occupants. Any door passage or stairway that is not an exit or a way of getting to exit access and might be likely mistaken for such needs to be identified by signage saying it’s ‘not an exit’. Likewise, they should be designated by signs indicating they go somewhere else, like a break room, machine room, or electrical room.

Exit signs or those with similar designations should have arrows that indicate the available directions. They need to be place in all locations where the travel direction towards the nearest exits aren’t immediately apparent. The local fire marshal might also have directions or input regarding these signs.

Exit signs need to have legible letters no shorter than 6 inches high. The letters should also have main strokes no less than 0.75 inches wide. If a path towards the closest exit isn’t visibly obvious, then exit signs must have arrows that direct readers to those nearest exits. The City of Chicago and some New York City boroughs require 8-inch letters.

Requirements regarding the number of exit signs, as well as their placement and brightness, for commercial buildings are governed first by OSHA, followed by the NFPA. OSHA is the federal-level Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is responsible for ensuring the safety and healthiness of working facilities for employees. The NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association, and it advocates for global consensus in terms of codes and standards.

Federal regulations aren’t all you have to worry about. Some municipal, local, and state governments might have additional codes that regulate these requirements. For instance, New York City requires any building more than 75 feet tall to also have these photo luminescent markings for any door which leads either towards an exit or just exit stairs. The state of California has also set out extra regulations through their own labor code. Be sure you consult your local or state governments for extra regulations which might apply to you. On the other hand, just tell us where you are located, and we can make signs that are compliant with the rules where your building is.

Failing to abide by your applicable exit sign requirements and regulations can risk fines and penalties, among other legal consequences. It can also put people in actual jeopardy in the event of an emergency. Trust our experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge equipment to get the signs you need designed, manufactured, and installed as soon as possible.

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