As a signage company specialized in this type of work, we offer quality services at an affordable price. We also guide our clients on the basics of monument signs, so that they are able to decide on the size and the type of monument they want. However, one thing you need to understand about this type of sign is that they are large in size and can only be placed on the outside of your business facility.

Monuments for Businesses

There are various ways that businesses rely on to market their business such as the use of flyers and billboards. However, if you want something unique to announce the presence of your business then you might want to invest in quality monuments.

Why Choose a Monument Sign for Your Business

The reason why most business vendors prefer to use this type of sign to market their business is that this method is affordable compared to other ways of advertising. Moreover, monument signs help reach out to all demographics no matter their gender or age. Furthermore, this type of signs makes it easy for customers to find your business and amplify your message thanks to their large size.

Overall Structure

Most advertising signs are either posted or hanged at the front section of the business. However, when it comes to monuments, you need to acknowledge the fact that they are heavy and therefore, they cannot be posted or hanged the same way as billboards or other signs used for advertising. A monument is designed as a freestanding sign, with the help of a base.

Detailing of the Monument

As a full-service signage company, we take time to consider the details and the features the client wishes to have on the monument. A company’s logo can be included in the sign to create brand awareness. Besides adding such a feature, we also give clients a chance to decide on the lettering to make the sign more visible. This makes it easy for customers and clients to notice your sign from a long distance.

We Use Advanced Technology

As an experienced company, we use advanced tools and materials to get the job done. We use these tools to decorate and clean up the final product before we represent it to the client.

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